21 Day Fix

I am 12 days into the 21 Day Fix program by BeachBody Fitness and I have to say I am in love with the program! After allowing my UC to suck my into darkness, I realized I needed something that kept me engaged and focused. The use of supplements is still a grey area for me and meal plans are challenging to stick to because I just can’t eat at times so yes, I have only done the workouts.

Guys, my body is responding in ways I couldn’t have imagined. That sounds extra. I was worried that in order to achieve the results they were selling, that I had to drink the shakes and follow a ridiculous meal plan. Pleasantly surprised! Even better, my body doesn’t feel overly fatigued which means I don’t regret any workout.

Each workout is 30 minutes but you can literally do them anywhere. Very few exercises have me using anything heavier than 10 pound dumbbells. Yes, ten pounds. Lifting heavy weight is my jam unfortunately the way my body is set up these days, my little light weights is plenty.

An added quirk to this program is the community behind it. I teamed up with a BeachBody coach who guided me on what she felt would be the best option for me and then welcomed me to a challenge group! The challenge group app allows you to communicate with a broad range of participants all working towards the same goals and encouraging one another. It’s an added measure of accountability that I appreciate.

I really like the idea of the portion control containers, it’s a brilliant concept that puts eating into prespective. I had the containers from a previous purchase and am familiar with their serving sizes. This is the aspect that I am able to apply when I am eating actual meals. My samples of Shakeology and the performance line products just arrived so I’ll be trying those out and documenting how my body reacts to them.

7 days of workouts!

If you’re interested in exploring these programs as an option, I have a ton of helpful information to aid your decision. You can head to my site and review the products, I can set you up with a sample workout and even help you through it!

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