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Meal Planning

First things first (i’m the realest) I am not a nutritionist. The meal plans I create are based upon my dietary needs and experience in the fitness industry.

Meal planning is something that I put a lot of time and effort into, because it requires it! It’s time consuming. On average, it takes 2-3 hours to research recipe options and build grocery lists, 30 minutes or less in the grocery store and less than $100 for the week.

With the help of IIFYM, I chose the appropriate caloric need based upon my lifestyle and goal. Knowing exactly how many calories and how many grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats I should be consuming gives me the freedom to build meals accordingly. Tracking your macros allows for “flexible eating” however, I don’t encourage anyone who is trying to lose weight…to make it their mission to fit pizza into their menu. If you want to lose weight, cut the crap and make the sacrifice. You cannot out train a bad diet. It does not work that way.

Since I have not yet met my ideal goal weight, I am in a caloric deficit and I don’t add more calories back based upon my workout expenditure. I aim to stay below 1600 calories, which is enough to cover 130g of protein| 135g of carbs| 57g of fat. I try to follow a Keto/Paleo-ish diet which means I really just watch what carbs and dairy I eat.

There are a handful of staples that I always make sure to buy that make life easier; Ground turkey, cauliflower rice, packs of frozen veggies, chicken and Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt. I start by deciding the main dish for each meal and then work outwards. I measure everything, every time and yes, I repeat a lot of items…because why make it any harder on myself?

Changing the way that you eat is hard, AF, and it requires a lot of practice. I can’t remember how many times I’ve built a menu for the week, did the shopping, did the prepping, did the cooking and then did not follow through. Eating right sounds so great in theory but in reality, I’d really just like to eat Del Taco.

Once you get going and start to feel the difference in your body, staying committed and focused gets easier. You have to be ready to be real with yourself, if you want to lose weight you cannot afford a few Oreos here and there.

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