The story of us.

I am already smiling at the idea of writing about our story. Our versions of the story may differ with narrative, ha ha, but the story never changes and always ends in laughter.

I could simply tell you that Evan and I have known each other since middle school and let you believe we are childhood sweethearts. That would be boring and while we had been around each other, we didn’t actually speak.


Evan was popular. Everyone knew who he was, he was apparently really great at football, he always had a cool car and he had the same girlfriend all four years of high school. I was not popular but fortunate that our graduating class were all pretty close, so we ran in similar circles. Let me tell you, I did not see what all the hype was about! Here was this kid who wore really over sized shirts, had the craziest hair line and a gap tooth but girls couldn’t get enough.

This is normally when Evan interjects and insists on telling people I had a bowl cut hairstyle and wore JNCO jeans. The jeans are true, the hair was just short. I should add that I did not wear JNCO jeans beyond elementary school.

Oh, Facebook…

After graduation in 2005 Evan and I went off to start our lives; I joined the military and he pursued his football career. One night while scrolling through Facebook I got a friend request, I knew who it was immediately and accepted. He slid into the DM’s. Ha, Ha! His first message to me was letting me know how cute he thought my daughter was…

At that stage in my life I was not looking to get involved. I was working full time on active duty, trying to raise a daughter and I was a full time student but I wasn’t opposed to lurking through his pictures. High school Evan was now grown Evan and he had matured nicely. It wasn’t long before we exchanged phone numbers.

After some back and forth Evan decided we should get together. I have to admit, I don’t know if he called it a date but it was. You know all those romcoms that feature a “nerdy” girl who ultimately gets the popular guy in the end…that was me and how lame because well, I’m grown.

First date

He was late, hella late, but I had committed. If nothing else, we were adults with needs so…(cough) whatever. I got a text when he was “here” and he didn’t get out of the car. I can’t be certain that I was even made eye contact or what words came out of my mouth. When I got in his car and sat in the seat everything within me felt at peace and I knew I was going to marry him.

I didn’t even care when he told me we were going to pick up his friend for a double date! Ha, ha! We were going bowling. F*&^, how do I impress him bowling?! Not to worry Evan says, he isn’t any good and we’re just going to have a good time. Imagine my surprise when he pulled out his bowling bag. Evan has TWO custom balls and shoes!!

Bowling was fun and I think I did alright but now the night was winding down and we were in his room. To be fair it was his sister’s room at his parent’s house, it wasn’t super romantic. The conversation flowed well and he did try to get me to take my clothes off, so he could see my tattoos, but I wasn’t giving it up. Actually, I waited 12 hours later… “college football and chill”. Sorry family.


Everything moved very quickly but I felt like we had so much to catch up on. I didn’t realize just how much we were always around each other in some way. Evan pulled out our yearbook from senior year and it turns out I signed it. Neither of us understand what the note means and neither one of us know why I signed it. His version of the story is that I stole it from someone he asked to sign it because I was obsessed with him.

Within a year we had reconnected, fallen in love, moved in together, got engaged, and got pregnant!

The wedding

In 2014 Evan and I got married under the willow tree in his parents backyard. It was a beautiful ceremony, coordinated by the mother of Evan’s high school sweetheart…it sounds weird but she saved the day! We managed to incorporate our love for Disney into our reception. Not in an over the top sort of way you’re probably imagining, we had candelabras and a rose in a glass case as the centerpieces.

The reception was so much fun, we would get married again to recreate it. We said that out loud and then realized we really just wanted to have a party. There was the usual wedding reception things but rather than dying down as guests started to leave… it got more lively!

I really only remember, in the end there was a group of ten or so of our closest friends and family. We were participating in a dance and lip sync, karaoke battle… it wasn’t planned or discussed it was just something happening naturally. It was so much fun, the cops were called with a noise complaint… The reception was held on family property in the country.

My happily ever after

It is true, the saying “when you know, you know”. At this point there’s no questioning how perfect we are for each other. I married my soul mate. I didn’t know they were supposed to be so annoying, but I couldn’t do life without him.

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