A journey to lose thirty

First let me say, I am not an expert! I am a certificated physical therapy technician and was a certified personal trainer. I worked as a personal trainer and even converted our garage into a personal gym. Losing 30 pounds was a challenge and progress/maintenance still sucks. Embrace the suck with me!

The summer going into 7th grade I remember thinking “OMG I wear a 00 in older girls clothes this is so great”…or something along those lines. Then I got my period and suddenly my booty was too juicy for Hollister. Overweight was not a word I would use to describe myself, I was 5’4 and typically weighed 130ish; my step mother once referred to me as “thunder thighs” so that was pretty cool, ha.

Fitness and the military

When I joined the Air Force in 2007 I was faced with two options; get better or do push-ups until you get better. I only needed to take a fitness test once a year and I was positive I could do that! I managed to skate by until I had my daughter and FAILED a fitness test. Nothing like failing based upon your waist measurement! Now I had to be tested twice a year and go to “fat camp”. Having to attend “fat camp” was not my most proud moment but I graduated and passed, barely.

You can attribute my love for fitness to my first deployment in 2011. Dealing with a severe grade of cervical dysplasia , divorce and limited options sticking to a fitness regimen and diet easier. Not to mention, there were really good looking men always working out! My “desert love” was a great runner and became a great motivator- my first 5k took me like 40 minutes and in six months I could do it 10 minutes faster. I also ran a 10k and attempted a half marathon.

The very first workout program I tried was some “Spartacus” workout that a couple officers had found and was apparently amazing. There were tears, vomit and lots of sweat but MAN, I looked great! It was a four week plan that you did every other day and consisted of 10 exercises. You had to complete each exercise for one minute, followed by rest, followed by another exercise and you did this three times. My body would hurt so bad I couldn’t laugh, I would have to fall on a toilet to pee, and I was convinced my muscles were bruised. I didn’t want it to stop.

Concern for my fitness test was now a thing of the past- not only was I passing but was scoring above 90%

The quick fixes

Returning from deployment meant I had access to all kinds of food and working out wasn’t my only entertainment. Eating was not as important as working out was, so as long as I worked out I didn’t feel guilty. I worked out five days a week at 0400, sometimes twice and played softball on our base team. My weight still hovered in the 150’s range and though I felt good about myself, I wanted more.

Life happened; I had my second child and planned a wedding for the same year and that’s when I became obsessed with quick fixes. I tried Herbalife, that worked until it got too expensive. Detox teas were my go to- yummy and cut my bloat but the weight always came back. Weight loss supplements were always great but I could never maintain. Finally when I tipped the scale at 180lbs at 5’4 I had to get real.

I don’t know how it happened. I was 160 one night and BOOM I’m mortified at a video of me dancing with my son!

Medical weight loss

Gotta love Groupon, right?! I found a clinic that did medical weight loss; you get a b12 injection, prescription appetite suppressant, and a supplement. It also meant my caloric intake was cut to just 600 calories a day; 500 calories of protein and 100 calories of vegetables! There was a complete restriction on sugar, carbs, and dairy. In my first week I lost 8 pounds, it became easier to stick to my guidelines. With the help of Crossfit and Orange Theory Fitness I lost 20 pounds…before I crashed.

This program really worked for me, but it wasn’t something I could sustain and was costly. More importantly this program taught me how to eat and what my body responds to.

I needed the motivation

When I crashed, I ultimately took a year off from working out and eating as well as I should have. The number on the scale was rising and somehow I would convince myself I could shake that off. My weight had climbed to 184 by July of 2017 and my health was declining, hello denial! If my husband hadn’t made a decision to get healthy, I may still be looking for motivation. All it takes, apparently, is a good looking man and suddenly I’m a fitness goddess.

With the help of the Nike training app, I started working out everyday. They weren’t grueling, hour long sessions, but enough to make a difference. I started to incorporate running again, that sucked! Running two miles every other day, my goal was to get it done in under 19… still working on that but the pounds were melting away.

Present day

As of March 2019 I have lost 30 pounds. I went from wearing a size 10 or 12 to now wearing a size 4, stretchy jeans of course. Am I satisfied? Not really! I know, it’s sad. I’ll never be done, I have days that I eat handfuls of candies and chug soda. I don’t want to work out and I don’t want to eat clean every damn day, it’s annoying. The weight still fluctuates which has to do with my recent diagnosis but I have developed a new found love for my body. Without the use of weight loss supplements, without a gym membership and without paying for meal plans I lost 30 pounds.

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